Source Points

Lost Rivers: La Petite St-Pierre

Gallerie DHC/ART,  PHI Centre. 2012, Montreal.
Curators Kim Sawchuk and Jaimie Robson
With Cheryl Sim, Associate Curator for DHC/ART

Video installations: Andrew Emond
Audio and interactive soundscapes: Samuel Thulin

Lost Rivers: La Petite St-Pierre is a two-part exhibition that ventures beneath the pavement to reveal one of this city’s most famous hidden waterways. Artists Andrew Emond and Samuel Thulin pay homage to the meandering contours of La Petite St-Pierre, a river that once stretched over 15 kilometers across the southern part of the island of Montreal. Their video projections and mobile soundscapes virtually “daylight” La Petite St-Pierre, exploring its integration into the network of this city’s sewers.

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